# Quick start

# Installation

  • Install Stun

    Enter your Hexo directory, run this.

    $ git clone https://github.com/liuyib/hexo-theme-stun.git themes/stun

    This command will clone all the files in this repository, many of which are only used for project development and are not used by ordinary users at all. Therefore, if you want to clone only the files necessary for the theme to run, please use the following command instead of the above command:

    $ git clone -b dist https://github.com/liuyib/hexo-theme-stun.git themes/stun

    Note: It is not convenient to update in the future, please use with caution.

  • Install dependency hexo-renderer-pug

    Enter your Hexo directory, run this.

    $ npm install --save hexo-renderer-pug

# How to use

Change the _config.yml file in your Hexo root directory.

theme: stun

Run your Hexo server.

$ hexo clean && hexo s

# Update

$ cd themes/stun

# Update to stable version (Recommend).
$ git pull origin master

# Update to the latest features (Not recommended).
$ git pull origin dev